About the group

Kontrollsoft is a non-profit coding team that focuses on automation of linux/unix environments with a focus on MySQL servers. Our applications utilize the LAMP stack to provide enterprise class automation and monitoring with a focus on analytics for performance tuning and historical analysis in OLTP/OLAP environments. All of our software is OSS and based on the GPL and/or BSD licenses. Be sure to check our news page for recent software release information and security fix announcements. If you’re looking for documentation, click here.

Software we create


The enterprise grade monitoring, analytics, reporting, and historical analysis webapp for MySQL database administrators and advanced users of MySQL databases. It is built on the open-source software model and features advanced frameworks (CodeIgniter, ExtJS) to provide you with the tools to automate the administration of hundreds and even thousands of database servers. It offers the same, and in many cases more, features than the commercial software offerings but without the hefty price tag for support or licensing. MySQL has always been a free relational database — shouldn’t the monitoring software be free too? Try Kontrollbase and see why enterprises all over the world are praising this open-source application. See how it compares to other monitoring applications: click here.


“The Server Command Automation Interface” is a web-based application that automates remote command execution on servers. There are three main areas of the application: Hosts, Templates, and Commands. The use is very simple: all of your hosts are setup in the Host Control tab, and they have templates associated with them. Templates are comprised of a list of commands that are to be run. It’s uses range from automating day to day sysadmin work, dba work, system reporting, server deployments, and any server task that benefits from automation.

All of the client/server interaction is done over the web, with encryption (if using HTTPS), so no complex setup is needed other than to put the client script on the server. This method allows you to remotely manage command execution from a simple web interface – it automates the process of reporting (and other task executions) so that you no longer have to manually run reports and commands on the local server. Everything is managed in a centralized web based interface. Server administration and reporting is now more efficient.


Kontrollkit is a collection of DBA-centric scripts written in shell, python, and perl. This project is being migrated to a new hosting repository. Please check back soon.

Quick download links

Download current revision of Kontrollbase

Download current release of Kontrollcomm