Kontrollbase 2.0.1 revision 221 is available for download

12 November 2009 | announcement | Tags:

Some good changes in this release as usual. There have been some more additions to the analytics, some speed up of the UI and login process, and some long awaited fixed for form Vtypes. In addition to those items, I’m a particular fan of the new Analytics Export tab that lets you grab all of the server analytics report data and do as you please with it via a CSV file. Make charts, put it in Excel, put it in a different DB for tracking of data outside of Kontrollbase, whatever you want. For the full list of changes between the last release and 221, see below. As usual you can download the release here: http://kontrollsoft.com/software-downloads

•    added perf-scaling info to documentation
•    changed all main header files to use extjs-all.js instead of extjs-all-debug.js to speed up page load time
•    fixed client association on new host addition
•    added join-buffer view because svn sucks
•    changes to report pdf generation naming convention
•    report and hostname please
•    added support in client for /etc/mysql/my.cnf file (debian/ubuntu nonsense)
•    added Vtype constraints to add and edit client to solve issue #50
•    addressing issue #74
•    fixed issue #73
•    addressing issue #72
•    addressing issue #70 – needs to be tested
•    added analytics export to CSV file
•    removed all forms from export page, leaving download CSV link

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