Kontrollbase is featured in OSDB Magazine this month

19 November 2009 | announcement

For those of you interested in the open source database world, you will get a good in-depth look at Kontrollbase this month in the OSDB Magazine. Keith Murphy has been kind enough to give me pages 37 through 50 to tell you all about the history, current features, and plans for the future. It’s a great edition with other interesting articles as well. Go get your copy today! http://www.osdbzine.net/wordpress/

The full list of topics
* Firebird’s Road Trip and What’s New with 2.5
* Coding Corner: Trees – Where’s the Performance?
* PostgreSQL’s tsvector: Secret Sauce for Search Engines
* The Lab: The XtraBackup Program for MySQL – Part Two
* Drizzle – A Lightweight Database for the Web
* Kontrollbase: Enterprise grade MySQL monitoring and analytics
* Creating a Twitter Mashup with MongoDB
* Introducing LucidDB

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