Kontrollcomm – remote database and system command execution webapp

I’m pleased to announce the first release of Kontrollcomm – “The Server Command Automation Interface” is a web-based application that automates remote command execution on linux and unix based servers. There are three main areas of the application: Hosts, Templates, and Commands. The use is very simple: all of your hosts are setup in the Host Control tab, and they have templates associated with them. Templates are comprised of a list of commands that are to be run. It’s uses range from automating day to day sysadmin work, dba work, system reporting, server deployments, and any server task that benefits from automation. The application comes with default templates for MySQL master/slave servers, Tomcat, Resin, Apache, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and many other server roles. You can add an unlimited number of hosts, templates, and associated commands.

All of the client/server interaction is done over the web, with encryption and authentication (if using HTTPS and Apache AuthType), so no complex setup is needed other than to put the client script on the server. This method allows you to remotely manage command execution from a simple web interface – it automates the process of reporting (and other task executions) so that you no longer have to manually run reports and commands on the local server. Everything is managed in a centralized web based interface. Server administration and reporting is now more efficient.

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