Not excited about paying for MySQL monitoring for your enterprise?

I think most people will agree that one of the biggest advantages of MySQL Community Server is that it’s free. Being free doesn’t get you a multi-million user community though; MySQL offers a great array of transactional engines, advanced high-availability features, robust I/O performance, and it powers many of the top-500 internet sites. When it comes to monitoring there are some great options, but many of them require a monthly service fee (sometimes on a per-server basis) or suffer from the following shortcomings: 1) lack of in-depth reporting on analytics and performance tuning, 2) high cost to feature ratio for small businesses that choose MySQL to save money, 3) have great features but require a knowledgeable sysadmin/DBA to install and manage.

The MySQL monitoring and analytics application that I write, Kontrollbase, is released as open-source software, and like MySQL it’s 100% free to own and use. It has all of the same features (and in some cases more) when compared to the pay-to-use options but without any cost. It requires that the user know how to setup SSH-keys, SNMP access, and run a Linux/Unix webserver; simple stuff for any sysadmin. However, some businesses don’t have a full time sysadmin available to do the installation and so they end up paying someone to run monitoring for them on a per-month cost basis.

I released Kontrollbase as an open-source application so that users of MySQL and small business owners would have all of the features for free that they would usually have to pay someone for. Time is not cheap but the installation of this app can be; so I’m offering installation services for a great price as well. If you need Kontrollbase installed then send me an email. I’ll get it installed and running on your company’s server for a $50 one time with an unlimited number of servers setup to be monitored and lifetime updates with no further cost. This price is limited to RHEL, CentOS, Fedora, Debian (&clones), and Ubuntu servers only. Solaris/BSD servers same cost + dependency package installation times extra. You can contact me at “” – just mention “Kontrollbase Install”.

To see how Kontrollbase compares to other monitoring solutions, check out the comparison chart on this page:

2 Responses to “Not excited about paying for MySQL monitoring for your enterprise?”

  • 1 Tom K. Says:

    You’ll get more people to try your product if they don’t have to register to download it. Also your feature comparison isn’t very accurate. Being a user of both MEM and MONyog, your information is stale, so you should update it.

  • 2 Rémi Says:

    Great tool,

    I use MySQL monitor and I use often the query analyser.
    What about query analysing in kontrollbase ?

    Thanks for your work.