Kontrollbase is a monitoring, analytics, reporting, and historical analysis webapp for MySQL database administrators and advanced users of MySQL databases. It is an enterprise grade application that is built on the open-source software model and features advanced frameworks (CodeIgniter, ExtJS) to provide you with the tools to automate the administration of hundreds and even thousands of database servers. It offers the same, and in many cases more, features than the commercial software offerings but without the hefty price tag for support or licensing. MySQL has always been a free relational database — shouldn’t the monitoring software be free too? Try Kontrollbase and see why enterprises all over the world are using this open-source application.

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Do you need Kontrollbase?

You do if you want the following:

  • You want a powerful monitoring system that is specifically designed for MySQL.
  • You need in-depth analysis and performance-tuning recommendations for your servers.
  • You need a large range of performance graphs for historical data analysis and data correlation.
  • You need a large range of alerts so you are always kept up to date on your server’s health.
  • You need a monitoring system that is secure and has code that is available for anyone to audit.
  • You want an application that will run on the LAMP stack, use minimal resources, and is intuitive to use.
  • You want multi-tier authentication so that DBAs, managers, engineers, and hosting/SaaS clients can access reports and data.
  • You do not want to pay for a service contract or license agreement just to manage your servers.
  • You want a consistent release cycle that responds to user input and feature requests.
  • You want a personal response to support questions, a knowledgeable user community, and a quality product.

Comparison of popular MySQL Monitoring Applications

KontrollbaseMySQL EnterpriseMonYog / SysYog

License+Support cost for full application feature set

 FREE $4999 $999
Free to own and use
Support available for free
Runs as an enterprise grade server application with multi-user experience
Runs as a desktop only application
Supports MySQL 5.0 and 5.1
Runs on the LAMP stack
Support for Memcached
Support for eAccellerator
Support for query distribution scaling
Open Source code
SVG based graphing
Supports 32bit and 64bit servers
Works on Linux, Solaris, BSD, OSX
Monitor unlimited number of hosts

Polling agent runs centrally or on each remote host

 your choice all host central
Customizable data collection timings
Default method for database connection uses insecure 'root' user acces
Client does not require root access to database or OS
Monitors database accounts for security
Real-time performance tuning reports with variable setting suggestions
Secure SSH connections with hosts enterprise only
Collects cnf file from server for historical analysis
Historical data gathering and analysis
Alerts with solutions and documentation links
Over 50 graphs with date range analysis
Online documentation
Utilizes advanced AJAX UI
Multi-tier authentication
Ideal for Hosting/SaaS industry without added cost to clients
Ideal for Hosting/SaaS industry if cost is absorbed by clients
Support available via email, irc, aim, yim, jabber
Replication monitoring and alerting
U.S. based company, support team, application developers
check: number of connection failures
check: number of connections errors
check: binary logging not enabled
check: sync_binlog not set
check: max_used_connections too high
check: query cache size too small/large
check: memory usage over 85% of system ram
check: table scans excessive
check: tmp table to disk ratio too high
check: innodb buffer too small/large
check: key buffer too small/large
check: sort buffer too small/large
check: join buffer too small/large
check: open_files_limit ratio too small
check: table locks too high
check: table cache too small/large
check: thread cache too small/large
check: binlog size too small
check: excessive disk tmp table usage
check: flush time not zero value
check: indexes not being utilized properly
check: innodb doublewrite buffer enabled
check: innodb flush method not properly set
check: innodb isolation not set for ACID
check: innodb log wait time too high
check: conncurrent insert not set correctly
check: query cache not enabled
check: table locks too high
check: thread cache not enabled
check: concurrent queries too high (threshold)
check: binary logs not set to auto-purge
check: binary logging not enabled
check: slave not active if server is set to slave
check: slave sql thread stopped
check: slave io thread stopped
check: slave behind master too long (threshold)
check: slave not set as read-only
check: slave relay logs not automatically purged
check: account has global privs
check: account set to old_password
check: accounts able to be added with empty password
check: account has grant option
check: root can login remotely
check: root has no password
check: blank username detected
check: test database exists
check: usage user exists
check: general query log enabled
check: CPU usage over threshold

check: innodb_flush_method setting ideal for data storage medium

coming soon
check: Load Average over threshold

* Competitor’s feature list items are based on data from MySQL and MonYog company websites at the time of this page creation.